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Gifts for Dad


Japanese Spoon Whittling Kit.

 Whittle away the block form to your desired shape, sand down any rough edges and then varnish with beeswax. Packaged in paper and fastened with string.

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Pallares kitchen knives FATHERS DAY DAD GIFTS

Carbon steel and Boxwood. 

These handmade Pallares kitchen knives tick all the boxes, with rounded Boxwood handles and carbon steel blades that can take a superb edge, they are truly an asset in the kitchen.

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Beautifully layered glazing, each piece differs subtly to the next, but still sit happily together as a family.

Hilda Carr is an incredibly talented Potter who lives in London. Along with creating wonderful pottery, she also teaches others how to do it and has written a book on the subject.

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Do Walk, Libby shares the transformative nature of this simple yet powerful practice.

She reveals how walking each day provides the time and space to reconnect with the world around us; process thoughts; improve our physical wellbeing; and unlock creativity.

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This sweet picture book is a beautifully illustrated, stereotype-busting celebration of the everyday loveliness of what fathers do. From baking cookies and gardening to playing make-believe and watching the sunset, a child reveals all the simple yet wonderful things he loves to do with his dad. With lyrical rhyming text and gentle illustrations.

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Each Roller keyring is 2cm wide, which is our biggest keyring. There are 8 colours to choose from and you can also choose to have Gold, Silver or Black keyring fittings.

Handcrafted in our studio in Surrey. All the text is hand-stamped and not made using a machine.

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Origin: Rwanda

Region: Gahengeri

Producer: Emmanuel Rusarita

Variety: Red Bourbon

Process: Washed

Clean, Sweet and Zesty! A well balanced coffee with a beautiful clarity. super easy drinking!

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Natural Flax Linen Cushion. Hand block printed in rustic earthy tones.  

Each cushion is block printed by me in Leeds, UK.


Harvest Skincare hemp oil has many natural benefits, including moisturising your skin without clogging it and can even help to regulate and balance oily skin.

It promotes a healthy glow and is a natural, powerful anti-aging ingredient for smooth, youthful looking skin.


The beautiful Maldon salt is ground smooth within the chocolate for 24 hours and acts as a flavour indicator to bring out the natural sweetness from the cacao.

The salt creates the perfect balance of sweet and savoury – making it incredibly complex and moreish.

Handmade in Scotland



Cover photo of Laura, Joseph & Forest from @soulfulsimplicity_ taken by the insanely talented Nina Goks in London.