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Reusable Nappies Fit Guide

How do I fit a Roam reusable nappy?

Reusable cloth nappies are not complicated to use and, in essence, are the same as a disposable to put on - you are simply fitting it to and around the baby.

Once your Roam nappies have been washed and dried, we recommend pre-stuffing the inserts inside the pocket and setting your rise height to make life easier at nappy changes. The rise height will stay on this setting throughout washes and you’ll only ever need to adjust these when your baby is ready for the next size up. 

Roam reusable nappies illustrated sizing and fit guide.

How do I put a reusable nappy on my baby?

  • Lay baby on the open nappy, with the back waistband sitting just above the bum & hips, where underwear would sit. The front of the nappy should sit below the belly button — adjust the rise setting if necessary

  • Lift the front of the nappy through the legs & pull upwards, fitting the leg elastics into the groin crease. Bending one knee at a time while squeezing the front of the nappy & pulling up & in towards the groin can help prevent leaks

  • Keeping hold of the front of the nappy with one hand, pull a wing up towards the direction of the armpit & pull around to meet the front panel, fastening the hip snap onto the bottom row

  • Now fasten the waist snaps to fit baby & repeat for the other side of the nappy

  • Check you can run two fingers between the tummy & the front of the nappy. There should be no gaping at the back of the nappy & the leg elastics should be flat — run a finger inside the elastics to ensure they feel snug against baby. Make sure the nappy is ‘tidy’ at the front & use your fingers to push any loose fabric up into the rise.