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Amber Necklace // Howlite


Raw Amber Teething Necklace

Baltic Amber is believed to be a natural pain reliever for centuries and wearing it on the skin can have shooting and calming effects.

 Each necklace has been tested for safety and comes with certification of authenticity.


  • 32cm long - suitable 0-24months 
  • Safety POP IN clasp


Howlite has a balancing effect on the emotions, therefore it is a great calming stone for your little one and brings them peace.


Please note that Amber is natural and that slight colour or size variation may occur.

Amber necklaces do not come with a warranty, they are delicate jewelry pieces and therefore need to be looked after. Take it off when the baby is sleeping, at bath time, or at the pool. When storing, do not put it with other jewelry and store it in the accompanying linen bag.


The necklace is 32cm long, has double knots between each bead for its safety, and comes also with safe pop in clasp that will open anytime the baby gets caught on something.

However, you should never leave your baby with the necklace alone. It should always be taken off when the baby is asleep (for naps and night) or unsupervised.

Do not let your baby chew on the necklace.  or sleep with it. To clean it, use a jewelry cloth or some thin piece of fabric will work.


Amber Necklace // Howlite