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Honest Sample Sale

Last year I had huge issues with the manufacturing of our beautiful muslin swaddles due to the terrible COVID outbreak in India which sadly impacted my hand block printing studio.

This meant the printers were limited as to when they could work, with a greatly reduced staff. Lots of the product had to be printed during the wet season, which unfortunately impacted the quality of the printing.

2021 was equal parts to the most stressful & the most exciting year for Little Beacon.

The products are still beautiful & are made with the same amount of LOVE that goes into all Little Beacon products, and deserve to be loved. The rain and humidity create conditions in which it is impossible to print without imperfections to the design.

We believe in using everything so I’ll be selling these products at a discounted price.

 So, we are having an HONEST sample sale to find these unique pieces a happy home.

Thank you so much for your support, 

Rachel xx

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