Collection: New Collection

This collection has been a labor of love.

In most cases, rather than focusing on the pattern itself, I've been focusing on how to use the fabrics to bring pattern into a room.

Assembling the pieces from a treasure-trove of offcuts from the muslin production, end-rolls from my linen collection, and the most beautiful dead stock waxed cotton; I've been thinking about how best to honour the fabric, breathe new life into something that might otherwise be discarded.

Working this way has helped push me into thinking outside the box, and I've really enjoyed the process.

Due to their nature, some of the pieces are highly limited. I'm talking one-of-a-kind, hand-painted-by-me-on-a-sunny-afternoon limited. 

Sp this upcoming collection is all inspired by the fabric. The texture, the shapes, the sizes of the scraps, all become the pattern themselves. I've been experimenting with patchwork, asymmetry and hand painting, following the pattern the fabric suggests. 

The Pebble Play Mat

The Marlow Romper

Hand Painted Linen Quilts