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Little Beacon X BINIBAMBA Rose Moon Wrigglemat



Get your wriggle on Binibabes…our limited-edition Little Beacon x BINIBAMBA Confetti wrigglemat with it's sensory hand block print is what your Nursery's been waiting for...introducing the latest addition to the BINIBAMBA brood!

Here to show those synthetic guys who’s boss - meet the WRIGGLEMAT - our 100% natural & sustainable playmat in our signature ROSE hue. Suitable from newborn, make tummy time extra special, snuggle-proof that play space or just find a soft spot to pop them down to explore the world from.

Playtime never felt so good.

Hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial with temperature regulating superpowers, our merino Playmats will keep your Binibabe toasty in winter and cool come summer. Finally a Playmat you’ll want to share with your home. Our WRIGGLEMATS have a shorter pile making them baby-safe and are suitable from birth and REACH compliant, safeguarding both little ones and the planet. Binibabes can sleep tight.

Presented ‘gift-ready’ as standard in our 100% cotton BINIBAMBA dustbags. Reuse as your nappy bag, toy bag, throw your life in and go bag!

Throughout the home or on-the-go give your baby the softest of foundations with the WRIGGLEMAT….because the moments you pop them down should be special too.


Colour: MILK base with mono black confetti print

Composition : 100% merino sheepskin

Dimensions : 98cm x 62cm

Caring for your BINIBAMBA

Easy-care and dirt repellant, sponge off light spills with a damp cloth or if needed dry clean. Just as you wouldn't throw your favourite wool jumper in the wash, treat your BINI with love to keep it at its best. 

Please note that we do not recommend using our printed Confetti Wrigglemats in high temperatures when your baby is bare skinned as suncream (and urine) can strip the sheepskin of the print & colour transfer may occur. Using these conditions is at your own risk.

Little Beacon X BINIBAMBA Rose Moon Wrigglemat