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Tanaka Soap - The Basic Bar
Tanaka Soap - The Basic Bar

Tanaka Soap - The Basic Bar

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The Basic Bar is the perfect soap for a new babe with only four pure, natural ingredients.

A beautifully luxurious soap which substitutes water for coconut milk to produce the silkiest, creamiest lather.

The rich, fragrance-free trio of  olive oil, coconut oil and coconut milk is deeply moisturising and will leave skin feeling replenished and rejuvenated.
Our skin recognises these and knows what to do with them.

The Basic Bar has been formulated with the most sensitive skin types in mind. So much so, it’s completely safe for little ones to use. TANAKA are committed to using only 100% natural, cruelty-free ingredients so you won’t find any SLS, parabens, synthetics or palm oil in their products.

Made, cured and packaged in London with intention and care. Each bar is hand cut and entirely unique.

Olive OilCoconut OilCoconut MilkLye