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Little Beacon

The Kind Sun Cream - All Natural Zinc



Sun Cream is broad spectrum, SPF 30

The all-natural zinc formula creates a moisture-locking barrier to reflect rays and help prevent sun damage and skin cancer.

Made with just 9 ingredients, The Kind Sunscreen is a clean, hard-working addition to any skincare routine.

Safe for all humans — babies, breastfeeding mums and those with allergies or sensitive skin — and kind to the environment, vegan friendly and made in Australia.

Combining the healing properties of nature with the latest in sunscreen science, The Kind Sunscreen is your must-have pocket sun protection.


Zinc Oxide Candelilla Wax - certified organic
Castor Oil - certified organic
Coconut Oil - Certified Organic & Sustainably Sourced
Vitamin E - Certified Organic & Sustainably Sourced
MCT oil - Certified Organic
Coco Caprylate - Derived from Coconut Oil
Isostearic Acid - Derived from Vegetable Oil
Polyglyceryl-3 Polyricinoleate -Derived from Castor Oil

The Kind Sun Cream - All Natural Zinc