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The Wandering Workshop

Wooden Stacking Toy - 'Landscape' (shop display)


 This product was on display in the shop - slightly faded.

Wooden Stacking Toy in earthy tones.

Designed as an abstract interpretation of a landscape with geometric shapes. The satin smooth surfaces and edges that are friendly to the touch and the earthy colours stimulate toddlers through senses to engage to play and create different compositions of forms and colours while at the same time practising fine motor skills.

Imaginative play is a kind of open-ended, unstructured play with no rules, goals or result- except that kids learn a lot along the way. According to Sally Goddard Blythe, the importance of imagination in all areas of child development cannot be overstated. "This kind of play allows children to tap into their creativity and really run with it, without any boundaries, in a way that is very freeing".



   Height 21cm  

   Width 12cm


Non-toxic, water based paints, AP certified

A high-quality & eco-friendly heirloom toy

*Hand-MADE IN Crete, Greece 



Wooden Stacking Toy - 'Landscape' (shop display)